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My first trip after getting home from the World Champs was to Goodiford Mill to test a pellet waggler rod.

The rod performed superbly well and really helped to land fish quickly. I have felt for a while that my Mach 3s are a little too soft at times. The slightly stiffer butt on the test rod felt absolutely right.
Fishing peg 10, it took half an hour for the carp to really start to compete, but once they did, it was all action for a couple of hours. Fish to 8lbs came in bursts of two or three at a time.
I found it better to reel in and cast after feeding on top of my float, rather than my normal feed-cast routine. This gave the carp a chance to mop up the freebies and be waiting for the next pellet, which was on my hair rig.
The set up was 0.18 Matchteam to a size 14 Fox Series 2 Extra Strong. 3SSG Dave Brittain poly wag and 6lb Ultima Power Plus. The rod is a Middy Micro Muscle 3G 11' Pellet Waggler.
I set the float at 18" deep and didn't see the need to change. Hopefully there will be another couple of weeks of shallow fishing before the weather changes. Don't forget to keep the feed going in and cast every minute. Work rate is key to this method.

On the BIG Stage  

I also went to...

Hopping over the bridge into Cornwall, I had a session on Flamingo Lake at Bake Lakes.
The plan was to test the quivertip option on a two-top Greys travel rod for Angler's Mail. Picking peg 3, which is pretty much in the middle of the near side bank, I started with a short cast to the middle of the lake.
Before I had my first cast, I did some filming as I prepared the feed. Both groundbait and micro pellets were in my plan, as I wasn't sure which would work best. The film will be available on the Angler's Mail You Tube channel a couple of weeks before the rod review is published.
Once I had a carp in the net and had covered the pictures I needed for the article, I decided to push the rod harder. Casting tight across to the far bank was around 40 yards. The rod was well up to the task and the carp were happier over there.

Steve with Bake Lakes' carp

As you can see, most of the carp were small. The biggest was around 3lb, and most were just about 1lb. It was great fun, though, and good to practise casting so tight to the far bank grasses.

Closer to home...

Having been inspired by the fly fishing exploits of Dominic Garnett, I booked a ticket for the River Dart at Staverton.
All fired up, I waded in to the river and worked my way downstream, casting and working a fly through several tasty looking lies. Sadly, after three hours of thrashing the water to foam, I had no trout to show for my efforts. It may well not be the end of my fly fishing adventures, but it will have to fit in with my normal schedule of coarse fishing in future.

River Dart

A match at Stafford Moor was a real grueller after heavy overnight rain. I drew Tanners 36, which is a flyer! Sadly, the carp really didn't want to know and I ended up with 35lb and 3rd on the lake. 62lb was the best weight on Tanners, with 80lb winning the match from Woodpecker 36.
I caught my fish by casting along the bank with both bomb and waggler and 8mm pellets. What was very strange was the carp tailwalking over my rig when I had the bomb out. There were fish showing everywhere, but most people struggled for one or two. Even the silver fish sport was hard, with 20lb the top weight of skimmers.

Where I'm going next...

I have to get up to Stafford Moor and have another go for the skimmers before the weather turns too nasty.
I have a plan to feed in the same way they feed on World Champs matches, by spreading a bed of groundbait and cupping in some food rich feed much tighter.
The bigger skimmers often sit off the main bed of feed up there, so my plan may see me catching a better stamp of fish.
If I get the chance to have a practise beforehand, I will take plenty of photos and some film and load it up as a WRITeANGLE article.

I will be going to Upham Farm, near Exeter to test a Middy margin pole. Upham used to be a regular haunt of mine when I lived in Seaton back in the late 1980's. It will be interesting to see how it responds nowadays.

Upham Farm

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