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Steve Lockett at South View Farm

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I didn't fish at all in September, spending all my time out on the bank shooting features for Angler's Mail and Match Fishing magazines.

At the very end of August, I did have a short session at South View Farm near Exeter. Fishing a margin swim on the middle lake, I used paste on the pole for a handful of small carp like the one pictured. It was the first time I had been to South View Farm for a number of years and there have been some very exciting developments there. The lodges overlooking the first lake look very comfortable and the new shop will add another dimension to an already first rate fishing complex.
Many of the other anglers on site were fishing floating baits and these should still work for a few more weeks yet. For those wanting to leger, don't cast too far out. The fish will be feeding hard in depths of 3 or 4 foot.

I also went to...

A trip to Upper Tamar was a real blast from the past.

Simon Poynter has been bagging loads of match tons up there this autumn, mainly bream on the feeder.
He has also been having nets to 60lb on the short whip with maggots or bits of worm on the hook.

The fishing is very easy, the banks are level and easy to walk around, it is stuffed full of fish, why don't more people want to fish there? Big carp to boilies or corn on the Devon Bank, strikes me Upper Tamar has it all.

Closer to home...

The outing with the teachers from Churston Ferrers Grammar School to Town Parks was a roaring success. In fact they had such a good time that Headmaster, Mr Owers, may be coming on the next one!

Fishing the whip or short pole with maggots saw plenty of roach and rudd pushing up to 10-12oz.

I then took them one at a time to have a go on the method feeder cast under the branches on the island from peg 10. They had a carp each, to finish off the day with plenty of smiles.

Where I'm going next...

It is going to be mad, but I'll be shooting a feature at Argal Reservoir, covering the Parkdean Masters Final at Whiteacres, shooting a couple of magazine articles in the Midlands and fishing another match at Redhill Carp Vader in South Wales. Then I'll come back to shoot a feature on the Bristol Avon and have a day on the slider at Stafford Moor. Phew!