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Welcome to my new look News page. Every update will include a fishing report plus a tackle review and any other items of interest I can think of., You can still see the archive at the foot of the page to see previous news pages.

Earlier this year I took two of my granddaughters for their first ever fishing trip. They live in Bristol, and whenever I visit, I stay in the Holiday Inn in Filton. Just behind the hotel is a beautiful looking lake, known to the locals as the Crest Lake (the name of the hotel before Holiday Inn took it over), it is full of easy to catch carp of 2-6lbs.
Taking advantage of the mild autumn weather this year, we had another go in the last week of September, fishing for just an hour.

I set the girls up with a top kit each and one extra section. This allowed them to fish just at the edge of the marginal weeds. Carp could be seen cruising all over the lake, and even though it was Sunday afternoon, there was only one other angler there.
After cupping in some dead maggots and a bit of hemp, I quickly had a carp of 3lbs, while the girls were getting dressed after swimming. Aged 5 and 7, they don't have a massive attention span, so getting set up before they arrive helps the session to go smoothly.
It took half an hour for Erica to hook a carp, which she landed and we all posed for a catch shot. This was after she had swung in a few small roach and perch.
Alice had not hooked any fish, despite the help of mum, Rebecca. I swapped the swims over, so Alice could have a go in Erica's peg and she, too landed a nice carp. It is very exciting for the girls when a fish charges off in the shallow water. They have dubbed the fish golden whoppers.

The lake is not open for day tickets, but members of the Cross Hands club can fish there, as can residents in the hotel. Why not book a night and give it a go yourself?

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Adam Rooney sent me some samples of Guru N-Gauge to try out. It is a top quality, modern co-polymer line, made in Japan.
The first thing I did was put lengths into the micrometer. I found the stated diameters to be slightly under rated in most strengths. The lighter lines tended to be about 0.01mm over, so the 0.13mm line was more like 0.14mm, for instance. I had two spools of each diameter, and on one test, the 0.15mm mic'd up perfectly. On the heavier lines, some were exactly as stated, especially the 0.22mm line.
N-Gauge knots very easily. I used a figure-of-eight loop knot, which bedded down instantly, even in the higher diameters.

Guru N-Gauge

My overall impressions of N-Gauge are that it is beautifully soft and very tough for a hooklength line. It comes on 100m spools, and is aimed at pole rigs and hooklengths for those targeting bigger fish. I feel it would also be great for barbel and specimen carp anglers. With breaking strains running from 4lb up to 12lb, it is certainly not for fishing delicate rigs on a canal. It will take some rough treatment, and has a little bit of stretch to cushion bonus fish.
I think a lighter strain is planned for release soon. Expected to be 0.11mm diameter, this will also be great for skimmer hooklengths and F1 rigs.
Available in 4lbs (0.13mm), 5lbs (0.15mm), 6lbs (0.17mm), 7lbs (0.19mm), 9lbs (0.22mm) and 12lbs (0.25mm).

Incredible silver sport

I had a week in Ireland, helping to run the publicity for the

World Pairs logo

What stood out more than anything else is just how good the fishing is there. With the exception of about half a dozen pegs, out of nearly 130, there were seriously big nets of hybrids, roach and perch to be caught everywhere.
Feeder fishing ruled on most venues, but long pole and short line, and even pole to hand in some areas, were also needed. A few die-hards even fished the waggler with success.
With an average weight of 25lbs per peg each day, I really felt like I was missing out by not fishing. Watching was an education, though.
Tommy Pickering and Phil Ringer were clearly head and shoulders above the rest when fishing the feeder. Then there is Cathal Hughes, what a shame he no longer feels the drive to fish for Ireland in the World Champs. He is very tidy and proper top class.
Steve Ringer said he had really enjoyed his first ever trip across the Irish Sea. With nets like this every day, it's no wonder.

Steve Ringer on Garadice Lake

If you fancy fishing this event in 2014, click on the logo above. Or, to simply get some of this exciting sport, visit Ireland Travel Plus, who can arrange everything.

Where I'm going next...

I am a member of several angling forums. One of the most...interesting is The Angler's Arms. It's an invitation-only set-up, populated by some real characters.
They have a memorial match at Woodlands View, in the Midlands, for John Ledger. This will be the first time I have fished with them, so I hope to put on a good display. Mainly, I suspect it will be about having a laugh.
Having not fished a match since last March, I have been tying rigs and hooks and feel very excited about fishing a match for the first time in ages.
The plan is to fish the long pole up and down in the water for F1s on banded pellets before coming inside for some late carp on corn. Thanks to Grant Albutt for the info,

Grant Albutt

if it comes off, I'll owe him a pint, or two.
The day is expected to be about the breakfast, followed by the lemon drizzle cake that Neneman Nick has promised, then curry and a pint in Worcester in the evening. Hard work this match fishing.

Bye for now...

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