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Tim Bull

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Stafford Moor hosted a round of Fish O Mania recently, with bomb and pellet proving to be the winning method.

Peg 2 on Tanners saw Tim Bull (pictured right with one of his winning fish) land 25 carp to slam 140lb on the scales for an easy win.

The day before the Fish O qualifier, I was filming on Pines lake with Yorkshire Bait owner, Perry Stone.

Perry put some of his baits on show, catching loads of skimmers on the pole on the best looking expanders I have ever seen.

He also fished in the margins of peg 13 for some of the new stock of carp and a handful of tench.

Finally, he cast the feeder to the point with Kopykat chunks for some more carp and tench. Check out the footage at yorkshirebait, or through my You Tube Channel

I also went to...

A trip to the Cider Farm in Somerset

I fished a match on Yarlington Mill, the first time I have fished that particular lake

It took me most of the match to work out how best to target the carp. Instead of fishing up in the water with hard pellets, I fished on the slope

Cupping in a good handful of pellets at a time, the fish came in singly and would give a proper bite instead of constant liners when fishing shallow

At the weigh in I had 14 carp for 25lb. Not the best weight, but fairly competitive

Closer to home...

I had a day coaching a couple of mates as they try to get to grips with a pole

We fished the Match Lake at Town Parks

After getting them sorted and bagging up with quality silvers, I had a few nice carp on the pellet waggler from peg 10

Pick of my fish was a real old 'original' knocking on 10lb

Where I'm going next...

Putting the Shakespeare Mach 3 XT pellet waggler rod through it's paces for an Angler's Mail review

I'll take it to Millhayes near Cullompton

Hopefully a few of the double figure commons in there will test the rod to the limit