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Steve with tench from Creedy

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As I write this, it is actually early September and another summer has flown by. I spent a large part of July filming and editing with Dave Harrell. There is a short film clip here: Dave's Coaching

My last fishing trip of July took me to Creedy, where I tried to stalk some carp on the top lake. Unfortunately, the carp were completely holed up in the dense weed and I didn't hook any. I did manage to get this tired old tench in the picture, so at least I got the rod bent.
Casting a worm into holes in the weed roused a bit of interest from the carp, but also spooked as many as it pulled.
This trip to Creedy was on the same day I visited Rackerhayes for the tench in the article below. I wish I had stayed at Rackerhayes, as the four fish I landed in two hours were all fit fish. I'm sure I could have landed a few more even with the sun up and burning.

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I also went to...

Fishing the Division One National on the New Junction Canal was a long-held ambition realised. Although the fishing was very hard, I don't think I disgraced myself. My eight perch were enough to put me somewhere in the middle of the section and match!
Good to meet Steve Collett, at long last. He won last year's event on the Trent, fishing for the same team.

Closer to home...

The Grand Western canal just off the M5 to do some filming with Dominic Garnett. I took a lot of stills that day, and they are the basis of an Angler's Mail Action Replay which is in the 6th Septemebr issue of the magazine.
I also put a supporting film clip together, which is on the Angler's Mail's You Tube channel. Take a look at the film here and see what fabulous fish are possible on the canal.

Where I'm going next...

Most of August was taken up with a holiday to Croatia, where I visited a carp fishing match with my mate Bozo.
It was very interesting to see the way they ran their match. It lasted for three days, in temperatures of over 40 degrees each day, with plenty of socialising and not so many fish!
Also went to Italy to report on the World Champs for both Angling Times and Angler's Mail.
Next month I will include an article covering my interview with Steve Ringer where we talked about the pressures of fishing top events.

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