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Steve Lockett at Kia Ora

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It has been another very busy few weeks, with magazine articles for Angler's Mail, Angling Star, Total Coarse Fishing and Match Fishing magazines.

I have also been to Exeter DAA's Kia Ora Ponds at Cullompton a couple of times. Strangely, each of my last three visits has seen me on peg 7 on Gold Lake, but the fishing each time has been great. Fishing the pole out to the sunken buoy, carp are usually first on the scene on sweetcorn. Feeding balls of dampened micros at 5m gets lots of skimmers and crucians on soft pellets.

The latest visit was for the Exeter DAA Christmas Match, where we had to break 2" of ice before fishing. Sadly I didn't get any carp that day, possibly because I couldn't break the ice out to the buoy, but my 8lb of skimmers was enough to pick up an envelope and a nice hamper. Thanks to Roly for the efficient way the match was run. The picture above shows a typical carp and skimmer from Kia Ora.

I also went to...

The Gloucester Canal at Tanker Bay.

Local expert Phil Stone showed how to really put a net together despite the weather.
Fishing the long pole with Mosella's Magic Bread over likky, he soon had 25lb of roach, skimmers and one big bream lined up for me to take photos of.

It just goes to show that we neglect our more traditional waterways at our peril. It was great fishing by any standards given the feezing conditions. If you want to know more about it, check out the February issue of Total Coarse Fishing magazine.

Closer to home...

I had a day with the South Devon Match Group lads at my old haunt: Bake Lakes. It was a good turn out, but unfortunately meant every peg had to be used on Flamingo Lake.

I was on peg 1, right in the car park corner with very little room to work. It seemed even the silvers were not too happy to come into my peg.

In the last hour, I managed to pick off a few carp on banded pellets by fishing the waggler at an angle towards peg 2. Lawrence Lee showed his class to win with 50lb on maggots in the edge of peg 5.

Where I'm going next...

Holiday time for me, sitting on a beach in Thailand and then hopefully catching a few on the mighty Mekong river. Also want to check out some pay ponds near Bangkok and try to catch a Julien's Golden Prize Carp...

When I return, it will be head down for the Angling Times Supercup. I wonder who we will draw in the first round of 2011? Will I be back on peg 7 at Kia Ora if we draw Team Jinx again? Or perhaps we will get a home draw and be trying to reach round two by winning at Coombe Water...