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Adrian Marshall at Stafford Moor

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It's been a hectic few weeks with matches here, there and everywhere. Including four pick-ups in five matches at Stafford Moor, Cider Farm and Redhill Carp Vader in South Wales! Sadly, the only one I didn't win money on was the qualifier for the Fish A Maniac £2k match at Stafford Moor.

Adrian Marshall (pictured right) took the money in the final with a superb display of pellet waggler fishing on Tanners 18. The PSR Sensas sponsored angler is a regular visitor to Stafford Moor and knows the fishery like a local. Feeding sparingly and fishing with lighter gear than most would use, he tempted 48 carp for just under the double ton.
He could be a good bet to be the first person to do the double of Fish A Maniac and Silver Maniac when we all do it again in early November. The Silver Maniac (silver fish only) is a great match, again for a £2k winner's purse.

I've been catching on paste at Stafford Moor this week. The key has been to get plenty of bait in there so the carp move in and push the skimmers out. In fact all the places I've been to recently have fished well on paste. I may be getting a reputation as a putty head!

I also went to...

Coombe Farm near Tiverton for the first time.

Fishing the larger pool behind the one by the car park, I caught 20 carp in three hours on the pole down the edge. All of them fell to sweetcorn, despite me trying pellets several times.

I had been told there were tench and skimmers in there, too, but they all seemed to be about the 4-8oz size range.
Putting any amount of feed in down the middle just brought a load of pasties in. There was little point fishing for them when I could catch 3-4lbers down the edge.

Closer to home...

A trip to Little Allers to put the new MAP ACS 4000 reel through its paces for an Angler's Mail review.

Little Allers Carp

This is typical of the stamp of fish there. Pinging 8mm pellets just short of the island had a stack of them lined up to test the reel with.
I only had one hour to fish in on my way back from seeing Ben at the Tackle Barn in Plymouth, but still managed three carp in that time.

Where I'm going next...

Taking a group of teachers from Churston Ferrers Grammar School to Town Parks for a session

Hopefully I can keep them interested with plenty of silver fish and once they are confident at handling fish, get stuck into a carp or two.

I'll chuck the method feeder out to the island with corn on and get ready for some 'rippers'.

Then I will take a break from fishing for ten days in a friend's cottage in Mid-Wales.