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Steve Lockett with a carp from Kia Ora

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After once more getting through to round two of the Angling Times' Supercup, my South Devon Match Group team were disappointed to be drawn away again. The good news is: we are to fish against Exeter & DAA at Kia Ora ponds, where we knocked out Team Jinx in last year's first round.
During my one practise session, I fished peg 4 on Gold Lake. Casting the method feeder to the point of the island, I swapped between boilies, corn and soft pellets for a run of nice carp like the one pictured. Swapping to the pellet waggler kept fish to 8lb coming in the afternoon.
Good to have a chat with a regular follower of my website on the bank there. Sorry I didn't get your name, so please email me and I will give you and your son a mention next time.

I also went to...

My trip to India has dominated most of April. I only had time to get down onto the river twice, once for an early morning look for a big mahseer, then a short go at fishing pellets on the waggler for little ones in the evening.
The morning trip coincided with a rise in river levels, and the colder water meant no action for me. The evening session saw me hook a couple of fish around the 5-6lb size, which are just a little too big for the match carp tackle I use. Luckily, a couple of smaller 1lb mahseer and danio showed up. The danio is very similar to a bleak. Those I could handle.
I was testing a Hardy Greys travel rod, and it looked to have a great action for fish up to 5-6lb in UK conditions. Sadly, mahseer of that size have no respect for 6lb line.
Simon Pomeroy sent me some Pallatrax hooks to try. They are very strong, and stood up to the task superbly well. I just need to find a suitable line to tie them to for next time. I suspect I may have to try 8lb Maxima straight through.
Hopefully I will get another chance to tackle the beasts of the Cauvery next January...

Closer to home...

My last trip to Town Parks was to catch on artificial baits which were given away free in Angler's Mail.
As was shown in the Action Replay special, I fished peg 10 with the method feeder for carp on rubber corn and roach on the pole with fake maggots.

It was a tricky day, but I managed a few carp before swapping to a bolt rig on the pole for a good net of quality roach.
Feedback from the article has been excellent, with loads of people trying the artificials and catching on them. As I tried to put across in the magazine, the key is to either get the fish feeding and competing freely, or to fish where you know the fish want to be.
Noting that sun had been shining onto the shallow bar in front of peg 12, I cast down there to pick up a couple of late carp. They obviously wanted to sit in the shallower water where the sun's rays had the most effect. A clear case of casting to the fish rather than trying to draw them to me.

Where I'm going next...

I am going through loads of gear for Angler's Mail reviews.

One of the most important is a Quick Comparison Special of handmade pole floats. It took a bit of persuading for the magazine to run with this test, but I really feel these small manufacturers need some support.

To finish the review, I will need to try the floats in a water with carp-filled, snaggy margins.
I may have to get a quick trip one evening to do this, so one of the smaller ponds at New Barn may be the place I go to.
As well as the review, I will also put together a short trailer and post it on my You Tube channel. There are several films on there now, so why not check it out at V2V Steve?

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