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Welcome to Coarsefish Torbay

Simply click on the Venues page to find out about the great fishing in my part of the country.

I'm updating and adding new venues all the time and now adding more photos to my Facebook page to let you see both the venue and the fish.

These extra shots are ones I have taken for magazine shoots over the years. They show top anglers grappling with venues across the Westcountry.

Have a read, especially the news, then get out and enjoy yourself...

a little about me...

  • I have lived and fished in Torbay since 1990
  • Born in Hereford, I lived most of my early fishing years in Leicestershire
  • Since 1997 I have worked for most of the major angling magazines throughout the UK and Europe, writing articles and fishing reports
  • Currently the Press Officer for the Mahseer Trust
  • I have been a music teacher for 20 years
  • Check out my top three local venues, below...

    Mahseer Trust

    The Mahseer Trust works to help protect these iconic fish and the rivers they live in. Visit the website to read fresh articles about fishing for these incredible fish.

    I have witnessed some incredible fishing, possibly none more so than in Ireland for

    This event showed that the fishing in Ireland is outstanding. There are not many places in the world where you can catch 25lbs of silver fish every day for a week with more than 120 anglers fishing. Take a look at the event website, under the 'The Match' tab, as registrations are now open for 2014.

    Angling Trust

    Leading the way in protecting Britain's fishing, click the image to visit their website

    For lovers of the history of angling, the River Reads bookshop in Torrington has set up Angling Heritage UK

    This unique collection of books, articles, video, photos and interviews aims to keep the history of angling alive.

    Click any button to contact me.